Boy or Girl Stork Rental:

Our stork is available to rent for 7 days for $75.00 + TAX.  This is a fun and unique way for your friends, family and neighbors to know your bundle of joy has arrived. Each stork rental includes a personalized keepsake bundle that will consist of the baby's name, birth stats, birth date and birth time. Once rental period is up, we will leave your bundle at the front door.

Twin stork rental with personalized baby bundle keepsakes: $130 + TAX

Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more?— give us a call!)

Baby Shower Rental:

Hosting a baby shower? Our stork will add the perfect touch! Our stork is displayed on a welded stand.  We offer a 1 day stork sign rental with a generic baby bundle that states “It’s a girl!”, “It’s a boy!” or "Shower is here":
$50.00 +TAX. Want a personalized keepsake bundle? Add $10.00 to total!

Gender Reveal Party Stork:

We love to party! Our gender reveal stork is so much fun and sure to keep everyone talking! 1 day stork sign rental with personalized keepsake bundle. (i.e.,- "He or She what will baby be?) $50.00 + TAX
We will use a blue stork with pink, blue and black font typed on bundle with pink and blue ribbon. 

The Grandparent Stork:

Becoming a grandparent is such an exciting time and so is bragging about it! Let one of our storks help you do just that! We offer a 7 day stork rental with a personalized keepsake (i.e.,  Proud Papa and Grammie to baby McKenzie)
$75.00 + TAX 

Sibling Star/Accent Message/Dog Bones:

Kids love to feel important! Let them join in on the fun of a new baby too! Our sibling signs are customized to your liking! Most popular phrases: "Proud Big Brother <Grayson>", "<Addison> welcome homes her little sister!". We also offer an accent message on the star. This can read- "Welcome home" or "Honey & Poppi love you!". Another option for the star is specific to our cat loving families! We can add fish bones and could read "Mopsey loves her baby sister".

Our dog bone signs are also an option for many families! We consider them part of our family! Let them be recognized too! The signs are dressed with paw-prints and read "Jackson fetched a baby brother" or "Proud Fur Sister Whisper".

Each customized sign is a keepsake for $25.00 + TAX.


  • Additional baby bundle/hospital door bundle($35.00 + TAX)-- No lawn to put a stork in? No big deal! We sell the bundle alone! We are happy to deliver your personalized bundle to the hospital. We will apply the bundle to your door with a 3M Command Hook and provide an extra stick strip so you have the option to hang once home .
  • If you wish to rent a stork for baby shower and homecoming, we offer a 15% discount! Please note-- The storks must be paid in full at time of first purchase.

Mileage/Area Coverage

We are a home based business located in White Oak, TX. All mileage will be based off of our permanent location.

The first 15 miles are on us!

16-25 miles- $10.00

26-30 miles-$20.00

31-35 miles- $ 30.00

Please keep in mind that our delivery charge is due to us making two round trips to the requested location.

Helpful Information

Our storks are 6 ft hand crafted and American made. They are made of great quality with vibrant colors and are sure to draw attention to your lawn! We take great pride in our storks appearance.

We will place a card at the front door that will have our rules listed- if misplaced, they're here too!


Please do not allow children to play or climb on or around display. We will not be held responsible for injuries.
Please do not move or take down signs. If you wish to have the sign moved to a different location in your yard, please call us and we will be happy to accommodate you.
Please do not mow or trim around displays. Any damages to the sign will result in additional charges. Watering is fine.
Please do not attach balloons to the displays. The sun can melt the balloons and cause permanent damage to our signs.
We will also leave you a copy of the rental rules at the front door.